Meet our Personal Trainers — Mel


Why do you love training women? 

I love working with women because I love seeing women get strong and have confidence in themselves.  Too often, women prioritise the needs of everyone around them before looking after their own needs, and PT is a chance to really just focus on themselves and what they want to achieve.  I love doing PT because we can really tailor it to what a person needs – we can focus on building strength in particular areas, or injury rehabilitation, or increasing mobility  – whatever it is that is specific to that person, we can identify a goal and work towards it.
Why do you think one on one or small group training is important? 

Small group PT is great because it is still a small enough group to focus on the individual, but with the added bonus of team mates to encourage and push you.  The different strengths and abilities of the various people in the group mean that you are constantly inspiring each other.
My strengths:

I plan each PT session according to the goals that we have worked out together.  I keep a record of everything we do, to ensure that we are always progressing!  PT is definitely not a “one size fits all” situation – each session needs to be personal and targeted.  I really enjoy the challenge and the reward that goes with this, and I know you will too.