Jodie C

As a member of SoulFit, I feel that we are a part of a very special community, that supports one another. I love the trainers and the friendships that I have made through my time at the gym.  But what I love the most, is that I am always being challenged in my health and well-being journey. The sessions are always different and the trainers know how to bring variety in the range of exercises.  I always feel so much better after a great session at the gym, I even like it when my muscles are sore the next day.  My training at the gym has helped me in so many ways, to keep me focused, happy, active, mentally-strong, healthy and physically stronger.

I joined SoulFit in 2012, after bidding on the membership in a silent auction at the annual Camp Quality Ball. I started off with a 6 month membership, but I love the gym so much that I haven’t left.

When I first joined, every Tuesday I used to head to Buggy Fit with the kids in tow without knowing the type of session that Alita had planned. The variety of the session always kept it interesting and fun. I loved Buggy Fit and always looked forward to that session. Alita always made sure that it was an awesome work out. I loved that my boys and I were all outdoors and then afterwards having a coffee and a play at the park. Tuesday mornings were our times together outdoors. I still think of the 9.30 Tuesday morning session as Buggy Fit!  I still love the outdoor sessions and you will generally see me at Bulli for the 6am Xtrain session on Wednesday nowadays (no kids in tow).