Kim W

I’ve been at SoulFit through all the changes. It feels like home and the members and staff are like family.

We moved to Woonona exactly 12 years ago and the same week I walked into Contours which was at the end of my street. I found out I could leave my 6 month old in the pram (no crèche back then!) while I worked out so I was sold! Joined up the same day.

I’d never been at an all ladies gym so I was quite hesitant and definitely not a circuit style one! I remember Cat at the front desk being so welcoming.  She was there for me during a couple of sleep deprived meltdowns I had! And Alita and I being pregnant at the same time! Of course Buggy fit played a huge part both before and after my son Jayden was born.

Once I was rowing competitively so I temporarily joined a gym with a Rowing machine…. and then the girls bought one! Then I was keen to do heavier weights so went to try Cross Fit….. and then the girls installed weight racks! So I’ve always come back to where I belong. 

I have fond memories of the early days of crèche when Michelle Powell used to mind my kids…… and now I mind hers! I feel like I’ve come full circle.