Sarah Alachkar

My journey at Soul Fit began in January 2017. My wake up call was weighing in at 101kg. That was my rock bottom and I knew I had to change. I’m a young mum of two gorgeous boys and I had no energy for them and I was depressed.

When I first walked in I found Mel who became my personal trainer and I haven’t looked back since. Within the first two months I noticed a change not only in my physical appearance and level of fitness, but also my mental health. In less than a year I’ve gone from weighing 101kg to 85kg and going from dress size 22 to a 12! This summer I even wore a bikini for the first time in almost a decade and I felt liberated!

Joining Soul Fit has changed my life for the better. I’m not only a better wife but also a better mother. I now have the energy to go to the park almost every day and my boys love me for it. A lot of people ask me, how can you go to the gym when you’re a stay at home mum? At Soul Fit, they have an amazing crèche with a tonne of toys so my boys look forward to going.

Soul Fit doesn’t feel like your typical gym. There is zero judgement! Woman of all shapes, ages and sizes all trying to be the best versions of themselves. The classes are for all fitness levels and all the trainers genuinely care about your health and well-being. Soul Fit is by far the best gym I have ever been a part of. I’ve never felt better or looked better. I have so much more confidence and love for myself. I look forward to smashing more goals this year.