Sonya Mcdougall

I’m Sonya. I’m a 47 year-old mother of three boys.

I joined Soul Fit way back in 2006 when it first opened and although at the time it was known by another name, the concept of having fun, making friends & achieving goals was just the same as it is now.

Throughout my fitness journey I have stopped-started-stopped-started probably a dozen times (that’s life for you) but, the one constant is that I always come back. And I always come back to Soul Fit.

I’ve suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for most of my adult life. At its worst it can be completely debilitating. Even some of my best friends don’t realise this because I have such an outgoing, bubbly and loud personality.

I’m a firm believer (actually, I know for a fact) that exercise has played a crucial part in reducing both the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety for me.

Why have I stuck with Soul Fit when there are dozens of other gyms out there? It’s because of the people (not just the staff – I’ll get to them in a second!!) and the friendships you make with other women on their own journey. I’ve formed lifelong friendships over the last 12 years.

Soul Fit is a friendly environment where I feel safe and not judged. The trainers and staff help you set your goals and even when you are having a bad day, motivate and get you back in the zone. They push you to achieve those goals. I don’t think I’ve ever (even when I’ve been exhausted) left Soul Fit not feeling pumped, happy and proud of what I’ve achieved

The older I get the more I realise the beneficial effect on my body and mind that I get from regular exercise. Being trained by people who you consider friends, who you know and trust, trainers you have fun with and who keep you motivated to achieve your best every day…….this is way more important than just going to a gym.