Soul Fit classes aim to provide variety and help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our experienced team of trainers individually program all sessions and no two classes are ever the same.

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Grit (45 mins)

This class was designed by our members for those that wanted a weekly challenge. A conditioning class which is by far our hardest class on the timetable. This class will leave nothing left in the tank but don’t be scared come along and give it a try.

Burn @ Bulli Beach (60 mins)

When you live in one of the best places on the east coast how could we not train in this dynamic, flexible and unpredictable environment? With a combination of strength and cardio, no class or location is the same, from sand to hills, stairs, grass and maybe even some water between our toes in the summer.

Stronger (45 mins)

A full-body strength workout designed to improve muscular strength and fundamental movement patterns. There are so many benefits to this class, from increased mobility to improved posture, joint stability, increased bone density, learning new movement patterns, and enhancing and increasing overall strength.

Meditation (45 mins)

Go home feeling centered, relaxed and blissful after dedicating the time to you!

Badass (45 mins)

Increase strength in your lower body. This class will get you lifting heavier and firming legs and butts. You could be squatting, lunging, sled pushing or performing controlled frog pumps with a booty band. Build confidence and strength in your back side – there’s no better feeling.

Athletic (45 mins)

A fun, high-energy class, Athletic has high-intensity intervals to improve your strength and body composition. No class is ever the same, from smashing the ski erg to pushing a sled, swinging a kettlebell or flipping a tyre. This class is a fun, challenging class that motivates you in an amazing group setting.

Boxing (45 mins)

Full body boxing builds strength and cardiovascular endurance, strengthening muscles in your upper body, lower body and core. You will not only work hard but have some great laughs, burn calories, boost total body strength, increase hand-eye coordination, improve blood pressure and decrease stress.

Powerbell (45 mins)

A kettlebell looks like a cast-iron cannonball with a handle on top. This innovative class will not only get your heart pumping, it will demand whole-body control and core stability, increase tone, improve strength and help with mobility.

Gymnastic Strengeth (45 mins)

Enjoy developing new skills or bring back skills from your childhood. No experienced is required for this fun gymnastics-inspired class, designed to accommodate all levels and keep things interesting. Targeting big muscles groups with primarily bodyweight moves, you will be sure to work muscles you have not used before or for quite some time.

Golden girls- Healthy Hearts/Stretch/Strength and Mobility (45 mins)

These gentle exercise classes are ideal for people recovering from an injury or those looking for exercises that are gentle on the joints. Suitable for all levels of fitness. The classes involve simple movements, low impact aerobics (with options) and light hand weights.
Healthy Hearts is more cardio based, designed to improve you cardiovascular fitness, Stretch is a gentle total body stretch class, and Strength and mobility combines important bone density improving resistance training with flexibility work to improve your body’s range of motion.

Guns and Roses (45 mins)

A class targeting your upper body from the deep muscles of your core to your chest, back, shoulders, bicep and triceps. This class is sure to burn during and after, and maybe the next day too!

Barre (45 mins)

Join us in the magic of Barre, inspired by the lush movements of contemporary dance, yoga and Pilates. Barre classes will allow you to move and sweep your body in all directions, submerging into your primal instincts of movement and tapping into your own strength, whilst finding grace. Connect back with yourself, untangle the body and rejoice in the breath. A class of guided movement that will challenge and enlighten you, with a rhythmic soundscape that will take you within.

SoulFit Runners (60 mins)

An interval run class which focuses on short and sharp running intervals. Using the all the beauty of our local area, this class is a great way to increase your fitness and have fun while running!

YOGA (60 mins)

The yoga class is Vinyasa style, and is focused on extending and lengthening the body, whilst also building upon strength and stability. Yoga is taught in a way that encourages the member to listen to their body, steady their breath, and focus their mind. Options are provided for all limitations, regardless of shape or ability. Yoga is truly for everyone!