Meet our Personal Trainers — Loz

Lauren (Loz)

Why do you love training women? 

I love training women because it’s empowering, working in this industry and especially our soulfit community I find we are always lifting each other up, constantly motivating one another not only physically but mentally as well!
Why do you think one on one or small group training is important? 

I think one on one training is beneficial to your fitness success regardless of your ability to remain motivated! One on one training can take your training to another level, focusing on your SMART goals we (client and trainer) work together through those goals and get you were you want to be within your fitness journey!
My strengths:

I really love working with the client specifically to achieve their goals! Of course, adding my own flare as well.
I love different types of weight training, strength & conditioning, hypertrophy as well as cross-training. I think it’s really important to incorporate a mixture of weight training as well as cardiovascular training to achieve ultimate fitness and wellbeing, which is why I find my strengths lie within these areas.