Bronwyn S

8wks ago I’d say I was pretty active exercise wise and my diet wasn’t too bad, but I wanted more and to be pushed, so thought I would try my first ever gym challenge! 8wk Sweat and Shred!

My goal was to lift heavier weights and if I shredded some kgs in the meantime, that was a win for me!

Little did I know how far I could go.

The meal plan made life so easy for me, prep on Sunday and meals were done for the wk, food was delicious and no way did it restrict!

To be honest I struggled a little at the beginning with not going out for meals and drinks, which I now realise is a treat.

 Loved all the extra weights and feel so much stronger.

The weekly challenges certainly did push me out of my comfort zone but loved how they changed it up!

When the body started to change my motivation levels increased, loved this challenge and so pumped that I finished it! Could not have been possible without all the support from the amazing girls at the gym, my happy place and all the other ladies on the challenge! Absolutely no way could have done this without Loz, my challenge buddy, workout friend, support pal! She kept me on track and motivated.

Feeling amazing, motivated to keep going and staying on track!

Breakdown 🤩
⬇️ 8.5kgs
⬇️ 10.4% body fat
⬇️ 19yrs metabolic age
⬇️ 6cm Bust
⬇️ 6cm Waist
⬇️ 10cm Belly
⬇️ 5cm Hips
⬇️ 5cm Thigh 
⬇️ Total 32cm