Indra Gaugere

I decided to join the gym 5 months after my second child was born. I was tired and exhausted and the heaviest I’ve ever been. But at the same time I felt physically ready to get back into exercise and I really needed some change.

I knew that simply joining the gym wouldn’t be enough for me , I needed some type of challenge, so  I could track my progress and I could hold myself accountable food wise and exercise wise.  The 8 week Sweat and Shred challenge was just in perfect time for me.

I was a little bit concerned whether the challenge would suit me (being only 5 months postpartum and being able to do only low impact exercise), but all the exercises were tailored to my needs. All the trainers were great and happy to help and change up my exercise if it was needed.

The Challenge itself was very challenging for me , physically I was nowhere near anything you can call fit, at the start every push up, every squat was a  struggle, I believe I was the slowest person at the gym, feeling exhausted after only few burpees. But I kept going.

I made a commitment to myself to go to the gym 5/6x a week and I did it. Every time I felt like I could take a nap I went to gym instead, and every time I left the gym I was happy and full of energy again. It’s amazing what exercise can do for you, it gave me back my energy.

I found the meal plan very helpful, as I’m not the most organised person – I wouldn’t prepare my food every Sunday for next week, but would cook as I go every day. Thankfully, the meal plan was simple enough and easy to follow, I found all the recipes were kept very simple with few ingredients, but still delicious and not time consuming.

I came out of challenge not only good 10 kg lighter but way more fitter and stronger comparing to my old self. Plus I learned how to use weight racks, which is a great bonus , as now I have some idea what to do at the gym if I’m there at the time when there is no class on. 

I’m only half way where I want to be weight wise , but I know losing weight takes time, so I have taken the good established routine out of this challenge and will keep going and trying to stay on track ! I feel very motivated !

I can’t thank everyone at Soulfit enough for my results so far. All the members and staff are so supportive and amazing , I’m very happy and grateful I can be a part of this amazing community. Thank you