Renee S

What I love about SoulFit, is that from the first day I walked through those doors every single trainer knew my name and took the time to get to know me. Throughout the years I have had the support of Alita and Alex through many aspects of my life and it has always been my happy place. I also love that the crèche has been available making it very easy for me to bring all 4 of my children with me when I needed to.

I think I joined when my 12.5 year old daughter was 3 or 4. So since 2011/2012, and my earliest memory is doing the contours circuit classes with Michaly. Then when the gym became Envie my first memory was doing my first ever strength class with the gorgeous Cat, learning heaps about technique and feeling pain in places I never knew existed!

I have so many special memories. A lot of my funny memories involve doing the small group classes with Therese while having a newborn in tow and trying to keep my oats down every single week! I also loved doing the running group with Alita. I loved growing with the other members and was proud to complete a 10km run on the Gold Coast, while my husband did his first half marathon.